Admission (Scholarship)

Guide line for the scholarship statement 

 if you want to be considered for partial/full financial assistance, please submit the statement of scholarship application. Otherwise, this document is not required.

In your statement of scholarship application, please describe the following.

  1. Your potential research topic together with key references from which you obtained background knowledge on the topic
  2. Please specify an on-going research topic that is carried out at BU-CROCCS and is closely related to your potential research topic. You may also specify a faculty member or researcher at BU-CROCCS that could supervise your research. In addition, you may specify in what ways you expect to contribute to the on-going research projects at BU-CROCCS.
  3. Important skills relevant to your potential research topic, such as specific analytical techniques (e.g., circuit analysis, electromagnetics, information theory, etc.), programming skills (e.g., MATLAB, VHDL, Python, Java, C, etc.), and implementation skills (e.g., circuits, components, transmission systems, application software, etc.)
  4. Past technical experiences that are relevant to your potential research topic, such as class projects, past internships, past publications, etc.
  5. Previously obtained awards and scholarships, if any
  6. OPTIONAL: Any additional information that you would like us to know in order to assist your scholarship application