Research Topics

Students applying to the ECE graduate program can conduct their research in one of the following research areas covered by members of the school of engineering and school of science at Bangkok University.


Research work in the area of nanostructure based optical devices design, fabrication and characterization.

Communication theory

Theoretical investigation on communication systems using mathematical analysis, with the focus on optical communications.

Image Processing

Development of new image processing algorithm including real-time implementations. The researches target multiple areas such as medical field, cosmetic industry, meat industry among other.

Software defined radio/communications

Implementation of communication systems using software defined electronic components, including FPGAs.


The research focuses on: integrated optical sensors, wide field of view optical receiver for OWC systems and fiber based optical devices.

Sensor and Sensors Networks

The research varies from developing sensors utilizing different technologies at the physical layer to the system level of a network of sensors.

Applied Estimation Theory

Our researchers who work in this field mainly attempt to apply estimation techniques such as Kalman filter to determine a certain set of properties/quantities of a system based on noise corrupted measurements obtained from sensors.

Power and Energy Systems

Research work in the area of electrical energy, renewable resource, integrated resources planning, microgrids, reliability, control and optimization


Mobile Servant Robot (a service robot) evaluated in real restaurants.


The research interests are in the multimedia development and system support tools, and case studies of multimedia applications for education and humanities.

Data Science and Engineering

The research focuses on data science and engineering, including Data Preparation, Data Analysis and Model, Data Visualization, Big Data, and Business Intelligence.

Machine Learning, and Artificial intelligence

The research includes AI, machine learning and deep learning.